Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution


Last Friday night I watched Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution. It was a GREAT show. I mean, the foods he was cooking up weren't raw foods or anything, but wow, he really did a great job of informing the health-food-challenged about how food can be medicine for some people {and kids too - those with diabetes, etc.}. 

I loved how he challenged the USDA {sorry to say that - but I definitely think the USDA is way too old-school in it's thinking and doesn't make much logical sense on certain issues} and talked about the stupid amounts of "bread" that are required on a daily basis {i.e. food pyramid guide}. He also criticized the meat industry, exposing how often meat companies will use the carcass and the other "throw-aways" by adding spices and just throwing into a blender to make a "nutritious" patty for our kids to consume. YES, that nasty food is not only allowed but seen as acceptable at school.  

It was overall very entertaining for anybody who cares about health and/or have children. I know the moms at the schools were baffled upon learning the truth behind the school cafeteria. 

We trust the USDA to look out for our kids. We make so many assumptions as humans that the "experts" are helping us or that they know what they are doing. By now everybody should know my thoughts on some generic doctors and over-prescribing pharmaceuticals. Well, this is a perfect example of how we can't always trust others to think for us!

{I also really like Jamie Oliver - and the fact that he has children makes him a bit more relatable}