The Fatboy :: Family Sized Beanbag

I'm thrilled to announce that I FINALLY gave in and bought this wonderful bean bag that I've been eyeing for years now. BUT, I did not pay full price. I found the Dwell Design on sale at Gilt Groupe 

{WAIT - don't click on the that link unless you have in fact heard of before - it's a dangerous site that you will be happy yet very sad you discovered. I am proud to admit that I did NOT ever join this site. Wes joined it and can't stop buying things: "But it's on sale for 70% off, we can't NOT buy it" he'll tell me. Well, "just because something is one sale doesn't mean it should be purchased" I try and explain. But nope, boxes still arrive on our doorstep every few days. Ugh. Let's hope this habit ends soon. PLEASE!}

This Fatboy was only $140 as opposed to the $350 that it normally sells for. I don't LOVE the design, but it is better than nothing.

It functions as a chair, a lounge {bed} and a few children can sit on it at once. It's a fun thing to fall onto {when you're 2 years old} and it even functions as a nursing recliner {a friend of mine does this - she uses it in her daughter's room to nurse}. Yes, sounds odd, but it is so comfy when upright. It can be moved from room to room because it doesn't weigh much! 

It's my new fav thing!

Thanks for listening! 

Here is Roman chillin' out on his Fatboy.