Happiest Baby On The Block :: The 5 Ss

I often don't think to write about certain subjects that are actually the most important or obvious and that is usually because I assume everybody already knows about it! 

One of those things is The Happiest Baby On The Block video. The book is fine, but I don't think most people will try doing the 5 Ss just from reading the book. You have to actually see it; witness the magic that happens when you swaddle a newborn. 

A swaddled baby is pertinent to a happy, cry-free baby! I'm posting a few exerpts from the video, but you really should watch the entire thing. You will also have to get your husband/partner in on this as well. It's for both parents to use on a daily basis. Buy the video and share it with pregnant friends. It makes a GREAT gift. 

Thank you, Dr Karp!