Just Discovered Dr Weil Baby! {Where Have I been?}

image via inhabitots

Dr Weil has a line of baby bottles and sippy cups? This is news to me. I had no idea. I'm definitely excited about this. Sometimes I really idolize Dr Weil and wish I was him. haha. Honestly though, I wish I had his brain - just filled with health knowledge!!

Ok, anyways, glass bottles and silicone pacifiers! I'm in heaven. I always love a new line of cool baby products. 

Everybody might know my frustration with glass bottles: they break when dropped and most 7-12 month olds drop them like crazy. 

If you're anything like me, then you might also like the Tritan drinking cup {with the airwave venting system}; leave the glass stuff for the infants.

So, I can't wait to try these products. 

Has anybody tried these yet? Leave a comment and let us know your experiences and opinions. 

note: Dr Weil and a few others claim that Tritan is toxin-free and BPA-free unlike plastic. But being that it's so new, we can't say for sure. I do like Dr Weil and therefor I would personally use it. But you might want to research it further.