Valentines Day :: Raw Chocolate Truffles {Part I}

I have a few great V Day ideas up my sleeve. This year it entails homemade chocolate as well as few other homemade ideas that I will share in the next post {in a few days when it's complete}. 

Instead of buying too much stuff, I just decided to use what I had in my pantry and the molds I already have used in past blog posts. 

What you will need:

* A chocolate or other type of a MOLD
* Saucepan

- 1/2c Cacao Butter
- 1/2c Agave Nectar {or to taste}
- 3Tbls Maple Sugar Powder {if you don't have this just add more agave nectar}
- 1/2c Raw Chocolate Powder
- Sea Salt {optional}
- Cacao nibs OR goji berries OR cayenne powder OR nuts {optional}

Melt the cacao butter in a sauce pan on low OR put the cacao butter in a bowl and put it in boiling water until melted. 

Then add the rest of the ingredients {except for the last ingredients} and MIX in the warm pan until super smooth. The warm pan helps to homogenize the mixture. {somebody made this recipe and put mixture in vitamix - the mixture was clumpy}.

Pour mixture into the mold. Put the last ingredients as toppings or fold gently into the chocolate mixture. 

Freeze mold until hard. 

I poured the chocolate into the molds on top of a fun lime coconut crust {this is optional and you can get creative with this}.