The Homebirth of A Beautiful Baby Girl {Watch Video}

The Homebirth of Lucia Mae from Sara Janssen on Vimeo.

 I'm crying right now. YUP. I'm not pregnant. I PROMISE!!!!!! I am just super emotional after watching this GREAT homebirth video: "The homebirth of Lucia Mae". {great song choices too} It Reminds me of when my baby, Pierce, was born at home. What a wonderful wonderful day. Sara is the mother and her blog is - I don't follow it much {because i don't follow too many blogs in general} but it's rad and her photos are amazing. 

Congrats and GOOD JOB, Sara! I don't even know you, but I feel like I do. And what a lovely awesome midwife you had and a wonderful MAN in your life - such a GUY but so accepting and so sweet - all of you are beautiful! And your daughter and mother {maybe mother in law?} were so emotional and lovely.

I love the entire post you posted about the labor and birth. So moving and so real. I LOVE IT. I am going to post my own here on my blog soon {you inspired me to}.

{just a note: Sara also eats raw foods and does amazing photography as well}

I was going to post her entire long-winded blog post because it's so important and so moving, but I figure it's too long - so please click here to read yourself.