I WILL be here SOON :: Costa Rica

In exactly 3 weeks {and counting} I will be in Costa Rica at an all inclusive - Paradisus Playa Conchal! I have not been away from either pregnancy or children for 3 years now. Not once did I escape it. Not even for a weekend! 

Aaaaah. I am dreaming of the moment and will be for a few weeks. 

We only recently decided that it would be too much for our kids to come with us. Originally the trip was meant for the ENTIRE family - our boys included! But after a semi-hectic weekend in Park City, we decided to ask our family to stay with the boys and for ONCE we could to be alone -- relaxing, sleeping in if we want to, going to bed when we want to, etc. They said YES?!!!! A dream come true, really! {minus the food - it's all inclusive, so I'm not counting on anything amazing, so let's just hope. I plan to bring a lot of packaged stuff like kale chips, protein powder, kookies, and so on}


Pinch me.