Off To Costa Rica :: Using Up My Food

I had a great time this morning SPAZZING away in the kitchen as "they" say! {I've been called a spazz many of times and I get that from my mom for SURE}. Took me a good couple hours because I was simultaneously cleaning out my fridge as well leaving only carrot juice, orange juice, almond milk, goats milk, goat yogurt, onions, garlic, already made quinoa, some sprouted bread, and some kookie karma chips and kookies. 

Anyways, I had kale and carrots to use, coconut meat {left over from 5 coconuts of water we drank last week} and lots of other greens. 

So, with that I made kale chips {instead of red bell pepper, I used carrots} and some coconut jerky - not the same recipe that I posted about before {if this recipe comes out good, then I will last minute add it to my eRecipe Book} - and a wonderful green smoothie. 

I also whipped up some maple syrup macaroons so my little boys will have some good treats while I'm gone. I had ordered some from One Lucky Ducky {believe it or not sometimes I get sick of my own creations} thinking that I wouldn't have time to make any and they arrived sour/rotten but that happens with raw food sometimes, esp when you mix coconut with wet ingredients like maple syrup {learned that the hard way}. So I returned them, no problem at all, in exchange for some awesome rosemary quackers. YUM. {Sorry for that random tangent}

It isn't going to be easy being gone for a week. I'm going to be sad leaving my little babies. I haven't been baby-free for two years now. Not one time have I been w/o them except for one SHORT night, {let me tell you} for my birthday I stayed in a hotel with friends while dad took care of the boys. So, this is going to be rough to say the least. But some very needed R&R. 

Next problem - I feel a little bit bad for my sister-in-law who is taking care of them here at our house. I figured the list of meals was going to be overwhelming for sure. So, I premade tons of stuff to have on hand. She is in charge of dinner, but that's it. Dinner will probably be simple I think I wrote something like "brown rice and avocado inside a piece of nori wrap. Or, to make it even simpler, just feed them what you can as long as there is no meat." That's sort of how I left it. 

But breakfast and lunch are super fun - lots of raw crackers and hummus, oatmeal with flax oil, toast with raw almond butter & honey, raw macaroons, larabars, Kookie Karma {my son calls them kookie bars}, kale chips, raw grawnola and almond milk...

I'm know my sis-in-law already thinks I'm half nuts. But she's amazing and her kids are just the best! 

THANKS AUNT KRISTA AND UNCLE PAT! For all you are doing this coming week!

COSTA RICA HERE WE COME! Readers - don't worry there are TONS of great posts {some of my fav so far} in the queue. So you will still have tons of great stuff to read while I'm away! ENJOY! I might even share some great {and not so great} Costa Rica food stuff and lovely photos.