PUREmamas eRecipe Book :: Pre-order

PUREmamas is about to launch its recipe book. Some of the recipes you may have seen before in some variation but most are BRAND new to the site. 

Not only is this ebook GREAT for delicious healthy recipes, but it's also great for the ENTIRE family. As I put it, "Mom Tested. Kids Approved"!

Most of the recipes are not only kid-friendly but they will almost "trick" your children into eating healthy, raw, vegan foods :)

Please note: recipes are not ALL RAW. This ebook is NOT a RAW FOOD RECIPE BOOK. The idea behind this book is to give parents cooked and raw meal options. I also teach you how to combine raw ingredients with traditional meals. A lot of people think because they can't go 100% raw that they can't reap the amazing benefits from eating less meat and diary and more plant-based foods - that are not OVERLY cooked and processed. 

I will show you how to add toasted seeds to a raw dish and make it taste cooked. Or to add superfoods to cooked foods without even noticing it. 

Remember, PUREmamas is all about doing our best and making healthy foods palatable, edible and super duper gourmet. 

This eRecipe book coming soon! And there will be plenty more to come after this. You can preorder {pay now and receive upon completion}. 


PUREmamas eRecipe Book