The Baby Nap Cap :: Promotes Sleep

Introducing the Baby Nap Cap. And who better to introducing it than my son, Roman! At age 8 weeks {just getting around to posting this now...whoops}, Roman made his first $200 {for only 1/2 hours work, might I add}. The Baby Nap Cap is a new invention and Teri, the owner, features Roman on the front of the package and on her web site as well.

This new product seems to be the new "it" thing. I love the idea. 

Basically, it's a beanie, which most babies seem to be wearing these days, but it doubles as a protector from light, noise and any distracting visuals. Great for nap time on the go! 

It also functions as a shade - to keep the UV light off baby's face during walks or while baby is in the Bjorn! 


One tip: Let's make it from hemp or organic cotton ;)