Juliano's Raw :: The Uncookbook

image via Sunfood.com

I am not sure if everybody is familiar with this all raw recipe book or not. It's literally one of the first ever made if you don't include Anne Wigmore, David Wolfe and Dr Cousens extensive, less colorful versions. 

Juliano is honestly a food genius. He coined terms like "Rawviolis" and started really fun trends like "raw pizzas". Nobody to this day has done it quite like Juliano.

His book is THE book that I discovered at Barnes and Noble one day back in 2001 and has since changed my life. I will never forget that first mind-blowing week of 100% raw foods. I also remember seeing Juliano at the Farmer's Market right after that long week of raw foods and feeling star struck. Haha. I was sooo excited. {he's super eccentric and has no reservation when it comes to telling you why meat and cooked foods are so bad for you - he's the one to talk to when you need a good switch kick in the you-know-what} 

After a generous offer, I then started attending the raw food parties he used to host at his house in Venice, CA! It was cool because if you came to help make the food and/or clean up you didn't have to pay. I liked doing this because it was also a great way to learn the raw food tricks and really see how Juliano does it and does it so well

I had never seen raw foods prepared in such a gourmet way before. The colors, the flavors and the creativity behind each recipe is unique and exciting. It will get anybody stoked on raw foods. I suggest you try it!