We're On Vacation :: Park City Excitement

We took the crew to the snow! We rented a house (vrbo.com) in Park City, Utah, invited a few friends and have been snowboarding, watching movies, people watching, doing dinners and just chillin out. It's also Sundance here, which makes it fun and the mountain less crowded.

Our new favorite hangout here is called High West: A whiskey distillery and saloon. I don't drink whiskey on a normal day but had to try their selection. Fun to sip one. One type that we had tried had been barrelled for 21 years. We also tried a really cool beer from Anderson Valley called Brother David's Double - Abbey Style Ale (a small, solar powered brewery). A great night. A very small menu with very few veg options but the saloon/bar was just amazing. The atmosphere was rustic, modern and very cozy. PERFECT for a snowy day!

my oldest son didn't like wearing his snow outfit. i thoughth he'd love it but the snow was too cold as well. oh well

easy street was another spot we tried. the outdoor seats were made from ice!


myself with friends RJ and Carrie @ easy stree