The Sun & Ocean's Powerful Energy!

First of all, I just realized that I posted a Wordless Wednesday post on Thursday? Did anybody notice this? Where is my head? How did I think it was Wednesday? Wow, sometimes time flies. 

Anyways, this week has been full of some more AMAZING health research. I spend most of my free time doing this, in case anybody wondered. I just love it. And LOVE to share it. 

Most people feel the best after they have been on a Mexico vacation, or during the Summertime, or even after a long job or walk outside. We look our best after we exercise outside or after a day at the beach or again, during the Summertime. We don't get sick as much during the Summer. We feel ugly and tired during the Winter. And we definitely feel disgusting if we haven't run or walked outside in a few days. Am I wrong?

It's the sun that makes us feel this way. And the ocean, too. But when we are outside running, we cover our eyes up with sunglasses, wear sunscreen and of course running shoes. We're not connecting with the Earth, sun and ocean anymore. And this is, what I think, is causing a lot of health problems. 

And what about the Vit D? I'm sure all of you all been hearing about Vit D on the news lately, right? I don't necessarily believe doctors have been suggesting the wrong amounts, I think we're all getting less and less of it from the sun and our other sources like say cow's milk or yogurt or cheese, are becoming void of most vitamins and minerals. And if what I was just saying in the above paragraph makes any sense to you, you can see why we've all been feeling like such crap lately - WE'RE DEPRIVED of Vit D. 

Not only that but the sun puts off important energy {electromagnetic field} that our can help our bodies balance out the computer and phone EMFs {which is different than that of the sun}. MANY people believe this to be a key factor in the search for disease prevention

Here are a few interesting things I would like to share with you today:

  • Sun glasses. Great for driving. And a great fashion accessory. Not to be worn all day. Our eyes need the UVA UVB sunshine for optimal brain health. 
  • Sunscreen. Same idea. We need the sun. Just not hours upon hours of oiled up sun bathing. Kids, too. Stop lathering on the sunscreen. Instead, wear a shirt. Or sit in the shade if you get too hot. Sunscreens can be cancer causing, even more so than the sun. I believe that one of the reasons we are all Vit D deprived is because of over use of sunscreen. (and sun glasses)
  • Shoes. Wear them to the store and out to dinner and probably to work as well ;). But try and get some foot/earth connection throughout the day. If you can walk on the beach without shoes - even better. Our feet were/are meant to be the perfect shoe.

Anyways. Just some fun ideas and information to leave you with before you head into your weekend. Get outside this weekend & soak it all up.