A New Year & A New Me!

This year is gonna be a GREAT one! Do you find yourself saying that every January? I DO!

But,  it's not a bad thing, it's a wonderful thing. Any form of motivation is a gift we all need to accept and milk for all it's worth.

Anyways, today started off fairly normal {more on THAT later} and then literally ended {well, hasn't quite ended yet} with my house being almost gutted of all old or non-used things. I cleaned house and it's only 1 day after the Christmas holiday.

I had this brilliant idea at around 11am that we should have a garage sale and sell off almost everything. I decided that I am going to start this new year CLEAN, fresh, and organized. I want to be gutted of all the old crap so that I can be open to new things/ideas/habits/plans/patterns. Not only are my kids growing out of their clothes and toys by the minute but I too am growing and I deserve to actually recognize that. 

I am proud to say that I'm growing/evolving/maturing/realizing. I am just now {I admit} happy about being in my 30s. It has taken me about a year to realize this and WOW, it's fun to be happy with my age again. 

I have a whole new agenda for this new life in my 30s. I am actively working on a grand plan for my business {and my blog, thank you very much} and my home life as well. Business and love will hopefully evolve right along with me this year. It's time we all focus on this. We deserve it. Our children also deserve parents that take time for themselves, understand themselves, respect themselves and have lives outside of their childrens'. 

Not only that. I also plan to stay positive. Not weak. Not passive. But happy and motivated. 

In order to fully engage in this new me, I felt the need to RID myself of most everything that didn't help me in this path. Afterall a clean house, office and body means a more organized mind and clearer goals. {Did I just make that up? There is something to this. I know there is. When my house is a mess so is my life}

I am going to have a massive garage sale {warning: in case any of you live in the area} and then what doesn't sell is going to charity. I will take a few photos in case anybody wants to see this showcase. 

Like many people, January is also a huge month for me as far as nutrition goes. I too get very involved in the holidays. I eat more and drink more than I should. Which is fine. I am very okay with the idea of a few pounds gained during the Winter. Pounds added USUALLY is a sign that good, happy times have just been experienced {or super stressful ones, but I'm not referring to those}. It's not that hard to lose a few pounds and if anything, it's times like this, that make me EVEN MORE motivated to really boost my health to yet another level. 

I can feel that this year is going to be a major elixir, smoothie, milkshake kinda of year. Not just any drinks - I'm talking the craziest of immune health combinations; Vegan, superfood protein drinks; Healthy fat drinks for skin and cellular beauty; and I want to flush toxins more and boost energy. {maybe because I'm feeling old? I hope that's not my subconscious motivation but again WHO CARES, it's motivation so I'll take it!}

Don't worry, I will share all of these great experiences/recipes with everybody!

That being said. My New Years Resolutions are as follows:

  • sweat more
  • drink more {superfood, green drinks, that is}
  • eat more green salads
  • sleep better {not necessarily more, just better}
  • clean my house of all that has no purpose
  • save more money {for my juice bar? and accumulate only that which has a purpose}
  • more blog posts 
  • get better with using my camera
  • learn more about health {longevity now conference & books, books, books}
  • LOVE MORE. Listen better. And as a good friend of mine said {she has 6 kids) "be a more patient, gentle leader and example for my kids.
  • boost my immunity 
  • consistently feed my children better. they are vegetarians and often vegan, which means it's up to me to feed them RIGHT!!!!!! amazing! and give them the supplements they need. 

 That's it. Best of luck with yours. 

And why wait? Get productive. Start now. Share them because that will help manifest them {did I make that one up, too? I BELIEVE not. you can't create a reality without accepting that you want it}