Veg Soup :: For A Cold Sick Day

This soup, I have blogged about in the past. Long ago. I have since made it even more hearty and heart-warming. 

The most fun part of this soup is the broth. Forget the store bought stuff from the box. When you make it at home your soup will come alive. It's so easy too. And more economical. 

Basically, you take all the extra vegetable 'throw aways' from the fridge {like the skin, stalks, ends, green tops, etc.} and put them in filtered water on the stove in a large pot with sea salt. I like to let this mixture boil. Then I like to have it simmer for hours during the day. 

Simply strain the veg scraps out when you're about 1 hours away from dinner time.

You don't have to, but you can add a vegan bouillon cube as well. I use Rapunzel.  

This soup is also great if you're planning on going on a vacation or leaving your home for a few days. It's a great way to use up all your veggies.

Then, chop up all your favorite soup veggies. Add already-cooked beans if you'd like as well. This soup isn't meant to be a stew or super hearty either. It's meant to warm your soul on a cold winter day or help feed your body when you're sick. 

I like to keep some of the vegetables semi-raw as well, like the kale, avocado and green onions. To do this, add them last along with Omega-3 oils, and garlic. The raw garlic is spicy and can make your body feel so warm that you almost break a sweat. The omegas help keep your dry skin hydrated from the inside out during this cold dry season.

Please see photo instructions as well below.