A Thanksgiving To Remember

Thanksgiving day came and went so quickly. This was my first Thanksgiving that I hosted for 12 adults and 4 kids. I've always contributed my own special raw and vegan dishes but never before have I thrown it at my house. So I'm still a rookie.

But we all had a GREAT time! And the kids all played together really well in the room I designated for the kids. I have a few pics if you're interested. I created stations: Dillon's Lego Building, Pierce's Car Racing, Roman's Choo Choo track & Ava/Sofia's grocery store. It was a hit! I think I had more fun creating the space than they actually had playing in it!

The positives

+ nothing burned + everything was vegan and lots raw
+ everybody had a lovely time
+ the kids played together perfectly while we ate
+ there was plenty of good wine and my signature cocktail for sipping
+ the pie and ice cream were some of best desserts i've ever had

The Negatives

- side dishes were cold because my mom had to cook her turkey in our oven
- a few guests weren't used to a TOTALLY vegan meal & raw desserts
- cleanup is a b*tch

So, in the end, the positives outweighted the negatives, but if I ever do it again, I will for SURE make somebody cooke the turkey at their house and so that the side dishes stay warm. Everything being cold really ruined the meal, in my opinion. And I wasn't about to use the microwave. Oh well. Live and learn. 

Wes also wanted me to share some of his great photos with you guys. The first two are of the table, all set and ready to go. Then you'll see my 'sisters in law' with my son Roman. And then Pierce, my 2 year old, at the beach with dad while I was getting things all cleaned up and dinner ready! Cute, right?