2011 Pipe Dreams & Drink Your Greens

I have been busy dreaming up new ventures and exciting new biz plans these past few months. One of my new ideas is, well, a local Encinitas juice bar. I want it to be, like kookie karma and PUREmamas, mostly educational as well as a place for buying products like fresh pressed juices, t-shirts and raw food snacks. 

Part of the education will come from the web site and blog that I will create as part of the experience. I want it to focus on the idea that we can use foods, mainly green foods as a way of building the immune system and hopefully warding off disease before it sets in. Of course, I'm not a doctor and that is NOT the point of the site. The point is really to educate people on the power of a green drink/smoothie and how children can reep the benefits. Instead of eating their greens, they can DRINK them!

Sort of 'an apple a day keeps the doctor away' type of thing. It is important to start now. Plus, it will be full of creative ideas on how to get the WHOLE family excited about nutrition.

I have started the beginning stages of the web site and blog, but have yet to unveil more than a homepage and the url drinkyourgreens.net

Here it is!

Again, it's only a pipe dream until 2011, until we save up enough dough and kids are in school!