NYC Fun Times & Good Food

It was a great week here in NYC. The kids did fairly well, we had a few downs but mostly ups. The airplane flight went well because I had all these cool new treats and the wonderful iPad on hand. A few poopy diapers but no meltdowns or screaming, which was a huge lovely surprise. 

Luckily, our first babysitter we EVER had in San Diego moved to NY a few months back. She helped us out in the evenings a few times so that we could enjoy a night out on the town while the kids slept. What a perfect relief.

Each day though, I went to Chelsea Market with my kids, just 10 blocks away from our place for YUMMY raw food. We heard there was a One Lucky Duck in that marketplace so each day the boys got to choose a treat - their favorite was the chocolate cookie with vanilla creme filing. We also had smoothies, green drinks, fresh pressed juices, crackers, granola, and ton of desserts and a few salads. It was pure HEAVEN for me. I spent WAY WAY too much money there though but it felt great because then I had readymade snacks at our place for the boys and myself. It's for sure a MUST see and do when you're in NYC, but everyday, like we did it, maybe not easy on the wallet. 

Anyways, one of the days I ventured out alone with my sons and met up with one of my best friends, Carla, and her baby Malena there. Carla and I met at UCLA and lived in Santa Monica together for a few years after that. Her baby is just precious and I must say "wow, raising little ones in NY? That's a serious challenge!" It wasn't easy for me, especially being alone, pulling two babies around.

In fact, as I was talking to the owner of this cute tiny baby store about this exact subject, Ethan Hawk walked in with his wife, little {I'm guessing 1 and a half?} girl and dog. It is tricky, they all agreed, but if you have the money, and can teach your kids to not run into the street, it's not as hard as it might seem at times. ;) but small quarters, that was the big challenge for us. Our kids scream sometimes, or cry, and I felt bad for the neighbors every time they did.

 Anyways, another day at the market I went with another childhood best friend, Jessica. This time we met this healthy stylish family - who eats tons of raw foods. Doesn't seem too often you meet families like that. Turns out the father, Jay Kos, is a very hip clothing designer, too {you also gotta check out his food & fashion blog}. And his 11 year old daughter was the coolest girl ever - kinda of a hipster, totally pretty and talking about her favorite smoothies with broccoli? ;) NICE! I love THAT about NY, it's is just full of so many interesting people.

The Chelsea Market isn't just full of random people, but a fun selection of small gourmet vendors as well - annoying though how that one tiny marketplace has more great shops than Encinitas does as a city {sorry encinitas, I still love you}. Everything from gourmet cupcakes, to cheese, to fruits stands, to coffee and wine, to local/organic menus, to raw green drinks and nuts/seed stands.

We people watched, the boys ran around, screamed, said hi to strangers and ate tons of healthy good stuff.

On another day, we all went for a long walk on The High Line, just a few blocks from the market - a renovated old railway that has been turned into a great walking trail full of wild plants and modern seating. It was awesome. It's situated high above the cars and people walking around the city and goes on for a few miles. You gotta walk it sometime {photo below - read more about it here}.

On another night, I invited my girlfriends and their kids over for a simple, easy healthy dinner. We sat around catching up while the kids {babies, really - all under the age of 3} screamed and ran around the loft where we stayed. Thank goodness there is a projector that we used everyday to show movies for the kids - Cars the movie, Thomas the Train, you name it!

I made quinoa with wild arugula, fresh heirloom tomatoes and avocado together with a lentil, herb and spinach dish {a recipe I found from one of Jamie Oliver's first cook books}. It was really simple but perfect. 

We tried so many other restaurants too, that I don't have room to write about like Buddakon {great food},Gramercy Tavern {not my favorite}, Desantos Italian food {cozy, arugula salads and homemade pasta},Public, and a few more bars as well. 

One night we also went to PURE FOOD & WINE! It was pretty darn good. I had a glass of sauvignon blanc along with a "burger" and pumpkin seed salad! And...we got the lasagna to go for the next night when we had the kids and a movie night in! We also bought some of the Mast Brother's chocolate and a bottle of red wine. 

Finally, on our LAST day in the city, we woke up to an empty fridge and kitchen. So, at 7:30a, we walked a few blocks in the FREEZING cold, to the Ace Hotel and had breakfast at the Breslin. I ordered poached eggs with lentils and cilantro! It was the perfect breakfast. I also HAD TO TRY {since I was in NY} the one of the BESTcoffee places in the US: Stumptown.  

So that's our week. It was pretty darn PACKED with good food adventures as well as some great shopping. But, for the most part, it was all about the kids. Our kids are so young {1.5 & 2.5} that pretty much everything revolves around them - naps, bed time, play time, parks, walks, etc. - but we did a pretty good job considering. 

Enjoy the photos below for an eye into our daily adventures. 

And as for me, now...back to reality in San Diego! More posts to come! Including recipes & reviews from Matthew Kenney's new cookbooks. YES!!!!!!