Holiday Cookies! Pecan & Oatmeal with Chocolate Filling

I've been busy creating holiday dessert recipes and this was my first idea/shot.

My last chocolate chip cookie recipe was such a hit...that I decided to create a few more holiday surprises. 

Pecan & oat cookies with a chocolate filling.

These are really easy to make and super gourmet but healthy. RAW FOOD. No baking required.

Cookie RECIPE:

1c oats
1c pecans
3/4c maple sugar
1/4c coconut oil, warm {clear}
<1/4c raw honey {just a tiny bit less than 1/4c}
tiny tiny pinch sea salt

In a coffee grinder or cuisinart, grind up pecans. Do the same with the oats. Add just a TINY tiny big of sea salt. Add maple sugar to the oats and blend again until fine. Add them both together in a food processor and mix. Then add honey and coconut oil. Blend until fairly smooth, might still be a bit crumbly. 

You will then want to fold in the chocolate. I sort of layered it. Don't mix them together in Cuisinart. You can, but you'll have a totally different feel to the cookie. 

Chocolate RECIPE:

1c raw cacao powder
1/4c + 2Tbls coconut oil
1/4c raw honey
1tsp almond extract {alcohol free}

In a pan on the stove I warmed the oil until clear. Then turned off the burner. I added the honey and chocolate and extract. I mixed it together until thick and smooth. 

Once you mix chocolate and cookies together, put in dehydrator overnight. You don't have to. You can just put in the freezer if you'd like. This will harden them together. Dehydrating them makes them a bit more crunchy.