Our Homemade Chocolate Party!

So, the boys dad has been out of town for work for a few days and we've been busy playing, drinking green drinks, listening to loud music really loud throughout the house and just having a blast. I have tons of work to do but our babysitter is sick as a dog so it's a GREAT excuse to spend the week having the BEST time ever with my boys. 

I especially enjoyed making chocolate chips and figurines with the boys because it not only got them to 'draw' with food but it also taught them patience. After making our chocolate creations the boys had to freeze their chocolate and take naps. Then, after nap, they got to devour their art. 

I also made holiday pecan cookies with the same chocolate sauce. Stay tuned for post about them! YUM!

In the meantime, you should try this at home on a lazy afternoon. 


1c raw cacao powder
1/4c + 2Tbls coconut oil
1/4c raw honey
1tsp almond extract {alcohol free}

In a pan on the stove I warmed the oil until clear. Then turned off the burner. I added the honey and chocolate and extract. I mixed it together until thick and smooth. 

Then, I put the mixture into a frosting / decorating bags. 

I used wax paper and put everything in the freezer for at least 20 minutes before eating {it becomes hard like candy}.

That's it - easy, fun and TASTES so good {oh and it's not bad for you either}.