Mexican Pizza :: organic gluten-free, raw & vegan


I got home from NY to find Matthew Kenney's 3 new cookbooks at my doorstep {thank you Matthew} and it couldn't have come at a better time. I got home ready to get 'cooking' after such a delightful culinary experience in NYC. 

What started out as Matthew's "chocolate chili tacos" ended up as Juli's mexican pizzas. You see, I forgot to fold over the taco shells in the dehydrator during the night, so they turned out more like a pizza crust than taco shells. Also, in the meantime I came across Mathew's "white corn tamale" recipe and was drooling at the thought of mole sauce, marinated mushrooms and guacamole.

So, needless to say, I MADE ALL of the condiments, but didn't make the tamales. I then turned the tacos into pizzas. 

Wow, what a delight. I ate every morsel. I even used the extra SPICY mole sauce to make a chocolate shake. Yeah, recipe coming soon!

Here's what I layered together:

+ crust/taco shell
+ marinated/dehydrated mushrooms
+ marinated/dehydrated tomatoes with basil
+ guacamole
+ super spicy mole sauce
+ pine nut sour cream
+ arugula
+ macademia nut cheese

For recipes, you'll have to see Matthew's new book Entertaining In The Raw.  For now, enjoy the photos. 

This was what it really looked like when I was eating it. 

I even used the extra "crust" as crackers and the condiments into a 7 layer dip that was to die for. 

Have a lovely weekend! Stay tuned for spicy mole milk shake!