NY On My Mind!

Just when I thought life might get a little less hectic, we are off to NYC today. I am so excited about it, despite the fact that I have my 1 & 2 year old with me on the plane and in the city everyday for a week. I know, I sound like a terrible mom. But, it's not really a 'vacation' when you bring your little ones along. 

BUT, we are determined to have a WONDERFUL time nonetheless! I wouldn't have it any other way. I know I'd miss them after one day away. So...in the end, it's best, it's now our 'vacation' go now!

I think we'll do a few kid things, a few parent things and a few things that EVERYBODY will enjoy. We'll see friends and aunties and lots of strangers, too. We will 

I will keep you posted on everything as we do it. Especially as we eat - I will have camera in hand. 

We'll be staying in the Chelsea area at a vrbo loft rental. 

See you in a week! But keep checking back for fun posts all about NYC!