Halloween Etsy-Style

etsy costumes: dinosaurmax big kidmax babylion 

If you're anything like me, you're either a) scrambling to find a costume for your kids or b) dreading the day because how on Earth are you going to avoid all that candy?

I know, I'm a terrible mom, how could I 'deprive them' of such fun. 

Well, first off the costumes alone are more than exciting. Second, they are only 1 and 2 years old for goodness sake. And Third, I'm actually saving them from a crying tantrum when they realize they don't get to eat their pillowcase full of candy. 

I would save that makes me a wonderful parent ;)

Anyways, we will have a great time going to the local town gathering SANS the trick-or-treating. We'll stay occupied with pumpkin carving, people watching, eating homemade chocolate and drinking apple cider. Or better yet, homemade "hot chocolate", like last year. Can't wait. 

BUT...we'll revisit this topic next year. 

For now, look at these ADORABLE etsy, homemade halloween costumes. 

& Happy Pre-Halloween to everybody!

etsy costumes: ladybug, chicken, cat, viking, bumble bee, green witch