35 Ways to Prevent a C-Section

Baby Roman at 6 days old!

I came across this post on a great natural pregnancy web site and it just seemed like a great reminder for moms about to go into labor {a good friend of mine was due yesterday! She's giving birth at a birth center in NY! Thinking of you, Carla!} and need a quick little reminder on how to help prevent the big looming white elephant: the good old C-Section. I know PUREmamas isn't typically about birth and labor but afterall it is geared towards natural pregnancy. And most pregnant woman give birth, right? So, it couldn't be more appropriate really!

Anyways, I thought the list just had great general tips for a solid, less stressful birth! 

Here is author the author's list:

  • Avoid the first medical intervention
  • Prepare yourself by reading as much as you can about natural childbirth before your birth day
  • Exercise throughout your pregnancy
  • Learn about possible medical interventions and their consequences
  • Remember women have been giving birth naturally for centuries
  • Take one contraction at a time
  • Do whatever YOU need to do to get through your labor ~ go with it instead of fight against it
  • Remember that VBAC is very safe
  • Deal with fears, both conscious and unconscious, before your birth day
  • Practice visualization techniques BEFORE your birth day
  • Remember to lean on the people attending your birth
  • Learn different positions to help with birth and pain ahead of time
  • Tune into your inner strength when labor gets tough
  • Remain clear about your needs and rights
  • Have a labor coach that is willing to stand up for your birth plan
  • Remember you can create the kind of birth environment YOU want
  • Think about the baby with each contraction
  • Take childbirth classes to help you prepare
  • Eat healthy, nutritious foods throughout pregnancy
  • Create a birth plan, and be prepared to stick to it
  • Have a doula attend your birth
  • Learn how to manage stress before giving birth (and practice the techniques you learned)
  • Choose a caregiver with a low cesarean rate
  • Join a VBAC support group
  • Stay out of the bed as much as possible during labor
  • Clear past birth experiences from your mind
  • Understand your beliefs about yourself and your birth will determine the course of labor
  • Identify the beliefs and attitudes you bring with you to your birth
  • Develop positive attitudes toward giving birth naturally
  • Use massage during labor
  • Think about how lucky your baby is going to be to be born naturally
  • Think about how much quicker you will heal and better you will feel after giving birth
  • Use as little energy as possible during each contraction
  • Tune into your body during labor
  • Choose a doctor who believes in natural childbirth as much as you do
  • naturalpregnancyproject.com, Natural Pregnancy Project, Oct 2009