Sprouted Vegan Protein Powder = Awesome

Of course I'm in love with yet ANOTHER healthforce.com product. This time it's protein powder? They call it Warrior Food and beyond its wonderful high natural protein content it's also "homeopathic, magnetic and vibrational"! They say "NO WHEY {haha, get it?} to high uric acid forming, kidney damaging animal products". I like their brave use of claims. Honestly, I do!  

Made with sprouted, raw hemp and brown rice protein, it's easy to digest and gluten, animal-product free.

They also say that Warrior Food "enhances your physical appearance and your performance, without sacrificing your health...or your ethics." 

{And by the way, I made an awesome smoothie with it the other day. Vanilla flavor might be better, but it was $6 more at the store where I bought it, so I passed! And why, may I ask, is the design so strange for all the healthforce products?}

What a brilliant idea from my favorite raw supplement company {well, with the exception of Eidon, but they are minerals only, not green food and herbs}. Now I'm all good-to-go for my smoothie supplements and my kids will be totally set.