My Favorite Raw Recipes :: Now For Sale!

Kookie Karma is now producing my favorite recipes to this day! My family eats them everyday. I have given out the general recipes in past posts, but now you can actually save yourself time and BUY themoff my Juli's Favorites web store. 

Kokoa Krunchies are a family favorite {shown above}. Eat plain or add almond milk. They are super crunchyand sweet. Kids and dad alike LOVE this treat in the morning.

That and Kale chips are what my son CRIES over! He would eat two full bags if I let him. I come home from the Kookie Karma kitchen holding trial bags and I say "I have a surprise for you, Pierce" his face lights up, he sits in his eating chair, and doesn't stop until I am forced to take it away. 

He cried the other day when he saw me putting kale chips into the dehydrator. He said "I like that mommy, I like that" and pointed to the chips and then to the table. "I want it, mommy"! 

I had to disappoint him by explaining that they weren't ready yet! Bummer. He cried. 

Anyways, check out these new flavors today!