Sleep Or Not To Sleep :: PART II

OK, so, I have a new conclusion. I THINK! I know that there's been a ton of studies on this topic but I'm doing my own. So, whatever.

My second son, who I have talked about before, has been waking up TWICE a night every night since he was like 2 months old or something. I didn't do the cry-out this time {see my old post about this}. BUT, I have been happily surprised that he suddenly out-of-nowhere just started sleeping THROUGH THE NIGHT! I mean like waking not ONCE but ZERO times a night.

My conclusion: {sort of the same as when I wrote the first post} You don't NEED to have your baby cry it out to get him to sleep well. You don't have to worry that if you GO IN and feed him that he'll forever get up twice per night. It's just not so.

I have this feeling that Roman needed comfort and maybe was scared or uncomfortable and needed to know I WAS THERE and he wasn't alone. So, now, here we are 7.5 months old and he is independent and able to get himself back to sleep when he wakes, knowing I'm there if he needs me??

OK, maybe I'm a total psycho and just totally wrong. But it makes me happy!