Home Alone :: Busy Dreaming & Going Insane.

We spent a night in LA last night, which was nice. But at the same time, I knew that ONE MORE night would just not be fun at all. So I came home with the boys and daddy stayed in LA for work. Bummer.

Soo....here I am. Home alone tonight and all day long with boys - my little babies that are BOTH under age of 2. I love it, but some days are more challenging than others, as one might assume. Especially when BOTH boys just don't "feel like" napping! Yup, just don't want to! 

On top of it all, right now, as I write this, my youngest (7.5 months) is screaming for some ODD reason, only an hour after I put him down. Both my boys went down an hour ago and I was IN HEAVEN, just happy to clean up the house and sit down for a bit on the computer before bed and for the FIRST time today. I mean, I LIVE for this time, I NEED this time in my day! Don't we all?

BUT NO...no!! Of course not. It's only when I'm alone and dad's nowhere nearby that these kind of shenanigans happen.

I just went up to check on him, he didn't want to feed, he had a clean diaper and didn't even want to be rocked. I assume it was a dream or his teeth or maybe an upset stomach. How the heck should I know? I mean, I am his mom and I know his cries at times. But, I can't read minds and after a long long day, it's not a challenge I have the patience for.  

So I had no other choice but to just put him back in bed to fall asleep. UGH. He's still making noise. I'm going insane. ;)

So...that being said, I've been busy today. BUT DREAMING OF SITTING AROUND THESE FIREPLACES. 

Can you blame me?