F.O.O.D. & Fear & Health

I had a great night last night in bed thinking about PUREmamas and what my/our goal is with it for 2010. I honestly want it to be a place where pregnant woman and parents alike can come to for inspiration and motivation as well as recipe and modern product ideas. 

My goal is to question society's pre-existing ideas about food, diet and nutrition. Even though I did not quite finish my degree in holistic nutrition {due to my decision to start Kookie Karma instead - thinking, like a dummy, that I could somehow do both} I have life experience. My knowledge comes less from my scholastic studies and more from my own drive and passion for food and nutrition. I can't say I have finished all my REQUIRED reading per se, but I can say I have read and read book after book, magazine after magazine about nutrition, diets, food, cooking and optimal health! And the more I read and experiment with my family the less excited I am about the Food Guide Pyramid and FDA's very strange unwillingness to share crucial information that might help people prevent and/or cure disease. 

As I say in our About Me page, good intentions and an open-mind are all we ask for here on PUREmamas. It's true. We want everybody to feel like they can be a total food novice and still comment on the discussion boards. But I also want everybody to feel empowered as an "expert" as well. No fear! No judegment. We're all both experts and also forever students of life! 


So last night in bed...

I was thinking about FOOD and thought, hmmmm, again, I want PUREmamas to be a place where people can feel motivated, not a place where they feel like "bad" parents who don't feed their children a good as say somebody else. I want it to be a place where people can learn some simple health tips and tools. Or, get inspired to go completely VEGAN at home and feel good about their decision. Feel empowered.

I came up with this acronym F.O.O.D. = Fear Of Other Diets. In order to even try new stuff we all must be open to new ways of eating and parenting. I think a weakness we ALL have to some degree is FEAR!! It's all part of the human psyche; we need constant reassurance and constant reminders to LET GO of fear!!! It's so empowering each time we have that reminder! Am I wrong?

Don't question your gut! If it tells you that meat is something your children need, or something your body craves, THEN it probably is right. If you are just afraid of not eating it anymore, or afraid of the lack of protein, then maybe take a look at that - read more about it and experiment with it. There is a difference between our GUT talking to us and our FEARFUL mindset creating doubt and worry. 

I see a therapist a few times a month for my own personal growth and that of my family. I absolutely LOVE her and the constant "reminders" she gives me. She has helped me immensely in my own life to deal better with people {family, work, strangers, etc.}, FEAR, worry, doubt and LOVE! She has given me important tools that allow me to stop making excuses for my actions, others' actions, and especially my feelings. I always take the blame for everybody and everything; I constantly am feeling "bad" for people; I take on way too much in hopes of making others happy! It's a continual ongoing battle to take care of others and although it's "kind" of me at times, in the long run, it can be quite crippling! 

One important thing that my therapist always says to me is "what is your gut saying?" Sometimes it honestly says nothing. But most of the time, I "know" what I need to do! and I "know" what is right and wrong. I just don't trust myself! I'm sure many of you reading this feel the same way. 

So we need to stop making excuses, take charge of our lives and start doing what it is we've been wanting to do but are too afraid to actually do it {for reasons such as "others might think I'm strange" or "I'm not an expert at blank, so I can't start a company doing it", etc.} It's time you BELIEVE in yourself! Afterall, books are only written by people and then the students read their books and become 'experts?' themselves? Well, who says the original writer of that book is a true "expert". OK, so maybe they ARE experts in the field, but then if so, what makes them so much smarter than YOU?

So there you have it!

Print out this little FOOD drawing I created and post it on the wall. Use it as a reminder that we often are afraid of listening to our gut just because EVERYBODY ELSE says otherwise! And most of the time our one GUT knows better than all those peoples' fearful minds combined! Even if those people are the government or even doctors or teachers! {did I just say that?}

Thanks for listening!