Orange Juice :: The Amazing Beverage

While rereading the post Stop Calorie Counting that I recently wrote I thought about this whole beverage debacle. We are all thirsty at times and fluids are so important for all of us! So why then are we so afraid of JUICE and yet so proud of diet coke or diet anything for that matter? 

Except for the obvious reasons - juice has carbs, calories and sugar. Diet soda and drinks have NONE of it! Right? So at what point was this allowed to be the norm? It doesn't make any sense when you REALLY think about it. Does it? I mean fresh pressed orange juice is full of vitamins, nutrients, enzymes, and is hydrating. The sugar naturally occuring and afterall we NEED sugar. We need calories and we NEED carbs. 

Hmmmmmmm. Let's lay out my train of thoughts on paper:

I guess "diet" was created as a backlash to REGULAR. Meaning, coke {soda} was invented and became the craze. Nobody really questioned its health repercussions. But after people started getting fat and dieting became the new craze, nutritionists looked to extra calories being consumed in order to put an end to obesity. 

So what was the culprit? BEVERAGES! SODA being #1. Juice got roped into this category as well because most juice that we used to buy was full of refined sugar! Plus, we "need" food to survive and fill our bellies so it was decided that JUICE and DRINKS should be kept to a minimum because it added a good 300 extra "empty" calories. Easy enough! 

So people were then realizing that soda {and other drinks} was an unnecessary part of the daily routine. But people starting "missing" soda and missing their beverages. Beverages can be a fun part of the diet. Especially coke {caffeine}. 

What happens next?

Coke comes out with Diet!!!!!! Now, you can enjoy soda without the guilt or the extra calories! Awesome. 

That's that. Those are my thoughts on how we somehow we are AFRAID of orange juice! One of the best "beverage" choices we could make.