Stop Calorie Counting!

Although calories are the fuel on which our bodies run and crucial for energy and health, the counting can be grueling. What I'd like to propose is to STOP. 

Yes, I know, energy input - energy output = our body excess weight {okay it's a bit more complex than that, but you get the idea}! So, you would be smart to focus in on this very subject of calorie counting when trying to lose weight or get fit {uh um, baby weight anybody?}. BUT here's a few problems: a) we aren't exactly sure how many calories we burn everyday {output} and b) the nutrition fact labels aren't always right {input} That's right: see the Today Show video about this exact issue. Nutrition labels have been shown to be WRONG. You might be thinking: "great - so how are we supposed to keep track of our daily caloric intake" I say, "don't panic. Instead let's try and focus on other things to help us maintain a healthy weight and optimal beauty and LESS on calorie counting." 

The only time I suggest thinking about calories is when you're trying to learn which foods are HIGH in calories {i.e. fat rich foods like almonds} and those that are LOWER in calories {i.e. fat-free cucumber, carrots, celery}. This will help you balance carbohydrate foods with fat and protein foods a little better. Which in the end is important not just for calorie sake but also for optimal bodily function {i.e. brain memory vs bone health vs heart health}. If that makes any sense. Forget the exact numbers, just categorize in your brain which foods are protein foods, which are fat foods and carb foods. 

Let's pay close attention to HUNGER! Are you hungry or just bored? Are you starving and your stomach is growling? What about energy? Are you tired? Weak? Cranky? Have you eaten and are you still hungry? Your body knows when to stop. If it's getting the right foods , that is. 

We need to eat for fuel. So instead of reaching for the sweet-n-low or the diet coke, let's reach for the fresh pressed orange juice. Don't be afraid of calories. They are crucial. Pass on the butter and reach for some raw almond butter instead. Skip the "protein bar" and make a smoothie and fill it with tons of vegan protein, natural sweeteners, omega oils, frozen fruit, some greens even. You can even make them taste like milk shakes. Don't starve the sweet tooth. FEED it! 

The smoothie might be PACKED with calories but they are the best kinds you can get. As a result you'll be fuller and more satisfied and more energized than ever! Your mind will think clearer and quicker, so save your brain cells for more productive things than CALORIE COUNTING {like blogging about it, ha}.

It's about time to change the way we eat. Let go of fear {meaning fear of FAT or fear of Saturated Fats or fear of CARBS!!!!} And eat away. As long as you're eating the right types of fats, carbs and protein you can literally stop worrying that you're eating more calories than you're expending.  

In fact, much of the stuff we are programed to worry about are things that when RAW or in their natural state are not something to worry about. Coconut oil {saturated fat} and sodium {salt} are two great examples of things that are SO healthy for us but certain forms of them are not okay and therefor we're taught to fear them. Same with carbohydrates {don't get me started on this - once you starve yourself of carbs you will be starving your brain of the fuel it uses to think and remember, etc.}. The High Carb Diet: I want to write this book unless somebody beats me to it!

Clean out your CUPBOARDS!! Please. If you aren't ready to do this - the don't - but then stop your whining :) RIGHT? I mean, we're all in charge of our own health and weight and quality of skin, hair, nails, sleep and the list goes on. We all have to work at it in some fashion or another. So DO IT! Today. Or live with it and don't complain. 

If you need some help well then that's understandable. Keep reading this blog or better yet, email me for some more tips. I will write tons and tons of ideas on how to eat kale chips instead of Cheez-Its when you have a desperate craving. Sounds silly but I had a lady at my work, who eats pretty much everything out of a box or a can, say to me {after whinging about trying them} that my kale chips tasted like nachos and then she said "no wait, Cheez-Its"}. I was excited about that. 

Good Luck!