Ph Balanced Body


(via Dr Foster WebSite)

Carla's guest blog post led me to this great article by Dr Foster. I rarely find articles that really explain how food and lifestyle can affect one's overall health and facilitate disease prevention.

A Ph Balanced lifestyle (I say lifestyle, not diet, because your lifestyle has a lot to do with excess acid in the body) is crucial to disease prevention - at least from an alternative, natural medicine perspective.

In fact, I have people ask me about it quite often.Thanks to this article, now I have something I can pass along to those inquiring minds. I'm very excited.

Her explanation as to what causes the accumulation of acid in the body:

1. Shallow breathing

2. Lack of exercise

3. Not enough sleep/ burning the candle at both ends

4. Stimulants - caffeine, cocaine, speed, diet pills, pills taken to stay awake

5. Not drinking enough water

6. Overactive thyroid (hyperthyroidism)

7. Consumption of excess protein in the diet.

She has also formulated actual Ph Balanced dietary guidelines (easy to follow for those who like step-by-step instructions and explanations). Here is a quick overview:

None of us is perfect, but we can still do our best to eat healthy most of the time. It is what we do (eat, drink,
sleep, breathe, feel, and believe) 6 days out of the week that largely determines our health. If we have healthy food
and lifestyle habits most of the time, we can be reasonably healthy.

  • Eat
    Whole, Unprocessed Foods

  • Get
    a Juicer and Start Juicing

  • Drink

  • Minimize
    or Eliminate Processed Foods: 

  • Minimize
    or Eliminate Meat:

  • Minimize
    or Eliminate Dairy Products:

  • Testing
    Urine pH

For a full explanation please read the article, the doctors explain in much better detail!