Carla's Morning "Pregnancy" Routine


I don't really know how to formulate a blog post. Do I start by introducing myself? Here, I'll give it a shot.

I'm honored that my dear friend Juli asked me to guest blog. Juli and I have been very close friends since college and love to exchange ideas on our
quest to optimal health. Currently I work as a Family Nurse Practitioner
with a passion for Integrative Medicine and I live in NYC.  AND, I am nearly
7 months pregnant with my first child-a baby girl. I couldn't be more
thrilled, and I must say that I absolutely LOVE being pregnant. I have never
felt so healthy, full of life (literally!), and just in awe of my body's
capabilities. Such an amazing process. While I have so much to share, I'm
going to begin with sharing the recipe for this amazing smoothie that I am
starting my day with!

First off, usually I practice some gentle yoga later in the day, but this
morning I felt like stretching out my body first thing. Upon waking, I laid
out my yoga mat in the twilight and spent about 45 minutes doing some
modified sun salutations, hip openers, and forward bends. My my! Do those hip
openers feel good these days, I can't get enough of them to increase
circulation and to lengthen and loosen those round ligaments that are
working so hard. And the forward bends give so much relieve and release to
my lower back.  Wow, did that feel good and I'm hungry for something
nourishing and refreshing.

Now for my delicious morning smoothie.....I've been enjoying one of these
most every morning.


-Fresh pressed pear/pineapple/ginger juice

-Frozen or Fresh blueberries (lots of them)

-Half of a banana

-Dash of organic Almond milk (if I had coconut meat, I would add that


-Flax oil

-2 different green powders (I love them both, so add them both!):

    Dr. Foster's Essentials Essential Nutrients

     HealthForce Nutritionals Vitamineral Green

-My new favorite protein powder which is a combination of pea, brown rice, chia, hemp, and cranberry protein (not everyone wants/needs protein powder, but I am still a believer that while pregnant one has an increased protein demand, so I'm trying to add more to my diet):  Proventive Nutritional Therapies Harmonized Vegan Protein

Throw it all in the Vitamix...and drink! I'm also enjoying a Raw Lemon Fig cookie - heaven!

Now I have blue teeth, but I'm feeling good!