I Ruined The Life of A Skinny Bitch??



Rory Freedman, author of Skinny Bitch, has this to say about my Raw Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies:



I can't sleep. I can't work. I can't concentrate. 


Ever since I interviewed Juli on G Living Live, all I can think about are Kookies!!!!! I've been cleaning out the shelves at Whole Foods at record speeds. (The raw granola bar makes my soul sing.) And late at night, when Whole Foods is closed and I need a fix, I make the recipe she introduced on the show.

If Kookie Karma products weren't so healthy, I'd really be in trouble! 

Damn you, Juli Novotny. And your karmic kookies, too."

haha, I just ran across this old post on gliving. So funny. Thanks Rory.

And thanks for the Skinny Bitch Stamp of Approval! ;)

View the show and write down the recipe HERE.


Mix all the ingredients together in food processor. Refrigerator for a few hours. Eat. No dehydrating necessary.