A Look Inside The Lunchbox


The lunchbox can be by far a mom's biggest challenge and possibly, biggest mistake! 

I'm going to walk you through a great lunchbox day. I have ideas for vegan children, non-vegan children, raw foods, and much more. 

First off, you'll want to have a lunchpail, preferably one that is reusable (not a brown bag). 
Second, you will have to get a thermos that is insulating. 
Finally, you will also want to stop buying Ziplock bags and get some reusable ones. This is the new trend for 2009 and forward. Get with it :) 

note: I might as well require that you buy a Vitamix as well. If you haven't noticed I use it a lot. Each menu below will require a smoothie - so you might as well give in and get yourself a high performance blender

Menu 1
- Canteen: Morning Green Drink (or basic smoothie with added parsley)
Reusable snack bagBaby Carrots and/or Apple Slices
Bento Box: cashew cheese or hummus or almond butter

nutrition info:
protein- almond butter & greens & cookie
fat- cookie & almond butter & cashew cheese
carbohydrates-  fruit & hummus & smoothie
phyto nutrients-  green shake
high calorie & no sugar crashes or cavities ;)