Morning Green Drink

Mmmmmm, this smoothie is 100% better than it sounds and looks. Mix all of the ingredients in a good high speed blender and drink. SO healthy.

1/2 Cucumber (I peeled the skin off)
2 Lemon (juice)
1 Grapefruit (juice)
handful of Parsley
handful of Cilantro
Pineapple (frozen - about 1/2 cup)
Mango (frozen - about 4 pieces)
1 cup Coconut Water
2 Tbls Vitamineral Greens
5 drops Stevia
2 scoops Tomberlies raw vegan lemon ice cream (optional - otherwise use meat from the inside of a young coconut)
2 Tbls Aloe Vera

YUM. It doesn't sound that great, but it was sweet and super duper healthy. I will have one every day from here on out.