Nori Wraps

I totally thought I had written about Nori Wraps before, but I checked the archive and NOPE, guess I overlooked it.

Nori wraps are my favorite thing the world (hint: men love them too) because they are so easy and taste so much like sushi/burritos.And best of all, SUPER healthy and filling, too.

My nori wraps are super gourmet and tasty. I pasted this video into this post because I wanted to show how it was done (how they are made).

Basically, pretend you're making sushi at home, but instead of adding rice and fish you add your favorite fruit/veggies like cucumber, onion, peaches, avocado, garlic paste, coconut meat, nama shoya (soy sauce), macademia nut cheese and much more.

Chose your favorite fillings, add the sauce (soy sauce and oil or spicy sauce/wasabi).

Next time I PROMISE I WILL BE THE ONE MAKING THE VIDEO, but for now, watch video.