Tend Eco Orb


One of my favorite stores (actually, probably my only favorite) in Encinitas is called Grounded. They have modern outdoor living accessories and furniture. 

My favorite thing that I have purchased from there is the Tend Eco Orb. I absolutely love it. It currently hangs from the ceiling in my kitchen by a piece of fishing wire. It looks as though it's floating. 

But right now it's being re-constructed. For $12 the designer will redo the orb when the plants die. I can't wait to see this next design. (read more about the local designer, Britton Neubacher

I am in LOVE with Succulents. My other favorite type of plant is anything "herb" that's aromatic and edible. :)

Speaking of...another favorite purchase:
The self watering Eva Solo pot that grows herbs. 

If you live around here, GO TO GROUNDED! You'll be so happy you did.