Electronic Receipts?


Sometimes I shop at that store Anthropologie for gifts, clothing and also unique household items. Recently I signed up for their Anthro card (shown above) and am fascinated by it. 

Here's how the web site describes it:


We are happy to refund all anthro members the full purchase price of in-store returns without a receipt. Remember, to take full advantage of this benefit, it will be necessary to identify yourself at every transaction.

It's true. No more need to keep those disorganized sheets of paper that often get ripped, or wet, or lost or thrown out, or written on, or even faded. 

I love it. I'm so tired of thinking I will return something and then come time to do so and can't find the darn receipt ANYWHERE!

Now I seem to go to Anthroplogie even more because I don't have to worry about the stresses of keeping my receipts handy. 

SMART MARKETING!! They won me over.