Box it! Clean it! Store it!


I can't really describe the feeling of emptying closets and throwing out, recycling or giving away old things that I haven't touched in over 2 years and forgot I ever had. What a great sensation to toss old photos, books and magazines into storage bins and then put those bins away someplace far away - like a storage unit. 

It's very liberating. I finally know where things are and can make room for other things, new things, baby stuff that's lying around the house maybe?

Suddenly I can see better, think clearer and sleep soundly. My thoughts are more organized and I feel like being at home for once in a long time. 

Aaaahh, what a feeling!

Even just organizing one closet or cupboard can give me this feeling. Just putting toys away in a box (where you can't see them) or magazines on a rack, or mail in a box, or old clothes in a Goodwill bag. Finding a place for it, organizing it, labeling it, boxing it, bagging it! And better yet, GETTING RID OF IT!

But let me forewarn those who haven't done it in awhile - It's addicting and one shelf can turn into a closet and before you know it the whole house is free of clutter. 

The best part of it all - it costs no money and my children can be a part of the process (i.e. play with everything as I pull it from the shelf). 

Unless you want to buy something like the storage bins shown above to store stuff. 

I encourage everybody to take a day and do their family and for their sanity. :)

p.s. that photo is not from my own house. It's a photo that I love which demonstrates some great storage ideas. photo via: belle maison

-- Juli