Green Foods!


(photo via: greenharmony)


I was just at the bank yesterday depositing money and the teller, about 25 years of age, asked me about Kookie Karma: "Is it your company?" "How did you get started doing it?" "What is it?" "How old were you when you started it?" 
So I told her my story (the short version):
When I was 23 I had terrible eczema all over my legs. It was devastating and nothing could get rid of it - not even cuttting-edge steroid creams (I had a connection to some expensive creams that weren't even on the market yet). Basically, there was nothing I could do and I was never going to wear skirts or shorts again. At least that's what the doctors told me.

One day I came across Juliano's Raw cookbook and being the chef that I am, took some serious interest in this creative, beautiful way of "cooking". The pictures looked so appetizing, so healthy, yet so cutting edge from the culinary aspect of things. I was intrigued and being such a health nut, I thought "wow, somebody is healthier than me??" I had to buy the book. I thought this guy might just be a total genius and I was suspicious.

So I decided to do raw foods for a whole week, then one week turned into two. I was committed 100% to the whole lifestyle and had fun getting creative with the recipes. The ingredients were all organic and fresh from the Farmer's Markets - so tasty, pretty, colorful, plump, and tasty - but not baked, not cooked, not fried. Minus the initial "hot" food cravings, I LOVED IT. 

I stuck with it and slowly my body started transforming. My face was glowing, I shed 5 lbs (not that I was even trying to lose weight), my brain was clear, my vision was clear, I was happy and positive, full of life and energy (sometimes running twice in one day). It was NUTS! I was constantly feeding my face and enjoying every bite. 

But, the most amazing part of it all - my eczema was disappearing. And after about 2 weeks, it was completely gone. What an amazing side-effect of this fun way of living, eating, and cooking. 

I couldn't believe that I had cured my own skin disorder. Not one doctor I had seen could have done this for me. 

At this point I realized that I HAD to find a way to spread this type of food and eating and health to everybody around me. At this time however, raw foods, vegans and even vegetarians were all hippies and activists. I wanted to modernize it, make it seem less "weird" and "creepy". 

That was the day I decided to start Kookie Karma! 

 Ok, so I didn't go into that much detail at the bank, but during the midst of my story all of the tellers were engaged and stopped what they are doing to listen. By the end I was bombarded with questions: "What about protein? How do you get enough?" and "I don't like meat, how can I not eat so many carbs?" "What is sprouted grains? Should my bread be sprouted?" "How can I learn more about this?"  

It was really exciting to introduce these girls (and a guy was in the mix, too) to optimal health and the fact that their interest in it was high got me super fired up.
The point of my story really is that I see people very interested in their health and diet but don't know how to go about changing it.

The one thing I tell everybody is GREENS!!! Whether or not you eat meat, doesn't matter, just balance the sugar and the meat with GREEN FOODS.

Green smoothies
Green vegetables
Green lettuce
Green supplements
Blue Green Algae

Greens are so powerful; They alkalize the body, contain high amounts of minerals, vitamins, iron, protein and phytonutrients as well. By green foods I don't mean steamed broccoli, apples and zucchini per se, I'm talking about raw kale, romaine, arugula, parsley, and even ocean greens like seaweed, algae and Spirulina. 

My favorite supplement with these types of green foods is made by HealthForce Nutritionals, called Vitamineral Green. There products are raw, clean and organic. 
According to their web site these greens:
"Nutritionally supports blood sugar, colon, detoxification, the immune system, Liver, Kidneys, Blood, Bones, Colon, Regularity, Circulation, and Longevity. 

Mother Nature is a guide for us. Our products are designed to re-create a state of true nature that we should be able to take for granted. We use superfoods/herbs/enzymes and other natural nutritional substances in our products. We also employ sophisticated high-tech methods and formulations where appropriate to further our emulation of nature. We use no isolated or synthetic vitamins/minerals whatsoever."

I love that this blend was formulated by a Naturopath and they contain no fillers. Visit their web site for more information: