Tomberlie's Organic Coconut Ice Cream

Speaking of coconut and all its wonderful healing properties, I wanted to share with you my favorite ice cream in the WHOLE world. Tomberlies. It's not only the best, freshest tasting ice cream but it's not even close to being bad for you, in fact it's quite the contrary.

Every flavor is made with only the feshest, organic, 100% RAW ingredients: young thai coconut, raw cashews, raw
agave syrup, whole vanilla bean, raw cocoa powder, raw cocoa butter and
fresh seasonal fruit.

I you don't live in California, I really pity you because you're missing out on this unique treat. However, you can always order it online if you're willing to pay for FedEx overnight mail. It's worth it, especially for a special occasion like Mother's Day or a birthday. They make ice cream cakes that are all raw, vegan and look and taste like they are straight out of the 31 Flavors display case.

Of course it has calories and is by no means fat-free. It's FOOD for gosh sakes. It's made with hearty, calorie-rich ingredients, but it has been shown to help some people LOSE weight because of the healing properties and the way it revs up metabolism and promotes weight loss in hypothyroidism*. It is not a guilty pleasure at all; it should be a daily staple. It's constantly stocked in our freezer!

*not approved by the FDA