Electrolytes and Coconut

How often we hear such terrible things about coconut oil, coconut butter, coconut milk and coconut fat. But, in it's natural state, coconut is one of the healthiest things you can consume. Forget the "saturated fat" myths.

First of all, drinking enough electrolytes while you're pregnant is very important. It helps you stay hydrated and avoid muscle cramps.

Health food stores carry young thai coconuts that can be opened and drank right away. The water is naturally sweet. Forget fake, sugary Gatorade and switch to nature's electrolyte drink which is more easily absorbed by the body. The meat is also GREAT tasting, super good for you and wonderful in smoothies.

I often have the produce guy open a coconut for me while shopping and share it with my 11 month old son. It keeps him quiet and entertained (he normally drinks it all though).