Baby Food Ideas - Ashley Koff's Post


Ashley Koff, who I introduced you all to before in a previous post, has great tips on baby foods and getting kids to eat healthy stuff.

  1. Nature's candy bowl:
    make a homemade trail mix with nuts, seeds, dried coconut, dried fruit,
    chocolate chips, whole grain cereal (packaged choice: Nature's Path
    Agave granola)

  2. Smooth Move:
    In a blender or magic bullet grab ingredients like frozen fruit, milk
    or unsweetened milk replacement, honey / agave, cinnamon or cocoa,
    peanut or almond butter and blend! (packaged choice: Fage or Chobani
    plain Greek Yogurt + add your own fruit and nuts)

  3. Snow it! To
    make vegetables or eggs a more delicious. Treat - melt some parmesan
    over it. (packaged choice: veggie sticks + a string cheese)

  4. Mini-Me's:
    whether its Petite Pizzas, or Teeny Tacos, or Mini-Meatball kebabs, a
    great way to make leftovers go the distance is to reform them into a
    teeny version (packaged choice: Dr. Praeger's kids Spinach, Broccoli,
    Potato Littles)

  5. Freezer Fun:
    grab an ice cream or popsicle makers and create treats at home -
    chocolate banana almond milk ice cream, coconut water blueberry
    popsicles (packaged choice: Coconut Bliss ice cream)