Flight Kits! By Ashley Koff

Ashley Koff is a very well-known, respected nutritionist in the LA area. In fact, she was named by Citysearch as LA's "Best Nutritionist" three years running.

She doesn't focus on raw foods per se, but uses traditional dietetic methods as well as integrative medicine to help her clients feel and look the best they possibly can. She often works with Dr Andrew Weil and has many celebrity clients under her belt.

Recently, Ashley had the opportunity to put together AKA (Ashley Koff Approved) "Flight Kits", which are healthy food and supplment packages that people flying commercially can feel good about packing in their carry-ons.

Included in her kits include:

Blue Diamond unsweetened chocolate almond milk

EO hand wipes

Granola Gourmet

Jay Robb brown rice, whey, egg white protein packets

Kookie Karma Kookies AKA Approved

Living Intentions nuts and seeds

Lydia's organics crackers

Manitoba Harvest hemp seeds

Mason Natural tea powder packets

Metagenics Mycotaki

Natural Calm AKA Approved

Navitas nuts, seeds, trail power

New Chapter Host Defense

Orthomolecular D-Hist

Pangea lip balm

Stash tea bags and powder packets


Ultima Replenisher

Vita Coco (plain)

Zico (plain)

What a GREAT kit. I especially love the addition of KOOKIE KARMA kookies!!! :) Read more about WHY Ashley chose these particular items.
Thanks Ashley.