Traveling With Your Baby?


A few weeks ago a friend of mine asked me for travel tips and advice. We've got a lot of travel experience under our belts, so I figured I would share with you EXACTLY what I wrote to my girlfriend in an email. Keep reading...

"So, travelling makes me nervous every time we do it, but it always ends
up being WAY better than anticipated. In fact, Pierce is the BEST
traveler but I think he's the BEST traveler because of the fact that we
have traveled with him since day one (okay more like month 1).

been to Kauaii, Kona, Prague, Paris, Switzerland, NY, San Fran, Palm
Springs and LA. All in the past 10 months. So, he's the expert
traveller. Thanks to his DAD! I am the worry wart, he is the person
that has no fear, which forces us to do it all. I can't take credit, he
should, really!

The only thing that kinda sucks is jet lag and
jet lag was bad even when we came home from Hawaii. Just be prepared
(come home a few days early) to be up a little extra at night with baby
both when you get there and when you get back, but mainly when you get

We used to only bring the Baby Bjorn and NO stroller at all,
but now that Pierce is older, we had to bring a stroller. We have a Bugaboo and a BOB, NEITHER are good for travel. Make sure you have an
umbrella stroller of some kind. We got ours on Craigslist. It's the
best because it's so easy to fold and pack.

Also, don't worry
about a porta-crib unless you are doing like a, which we did in Hawaii. Otherwise, most
nice hotels have cribs as options in the rooms when you get there.

would travel light for you and more for baby. I packed tons of diapers
- enough for a few days when you get there. So you're not rushing
around and can relax for a few days until you find a good health food (or grocery store) store.

I would also bring formula or
breast milk, of course, on the plane so you have it for landing. I would
bring more than you think you need because it's good to keep them quiet. I
remember giving pierce like 4 bottles on the plane to Hawaii one time because WHY NOT, it kept him quiet and he loved it?

also brought lots of treats - dried fruit - and even some snacks you
normally might not give her - bread!!!! Stuff that's new and easy to
hold and just munch on.

Is your daughter crawling? Or walking? That
might be harder. I would also get a third seat. Pay for it if you have
to. Most likely you won't have to pay for it. Just check to see if your
flight is full, if not, they will give you a seat.

Don't worry
about a car seat UNLESS you're planning on renting a car. If you're
not, taxis allow no car seats (i.e. NY or Europe) but if you are doing
a rental, you will want that seat. You can rent them, but it's fine to
bring your own.

The best thing though is to have very little
stuff. But I packed some organic baby food in my suitcase for when we
got there. I usually had enough for a few days (like diapers) and then
just looked for a health food store in town and went there a few days
into the trip.

I can't wait to hear how everything goes. I am
sure it will be GREAT!!!!!! It's really fun. Pierce ended up being our
travel buddy as opposed to a nuisance.

If you're doing a, rent a place with a separate room, even a one bedroom is fine, just so you have a place to put the crib and baby if she sleeps earlier than you do. If you are doing a hotel, then it's a little
harder. We always upgraded to a one bedroom so that we could have some
privacy, but in Europe we just had him in the room with us, we covered
the crib and just let him cry to sleep. If we were semi-quiet, he
pretty much slept just fine, even if we watched a movie.

ask for a bigger room and try and negotiate. They always have larger
rooms. One time, for no extra charge, we got a handicap room. It was
HUGE and Pierce was put in the hallway area and another time we put him on the floor of the bathroom shower. Haha. He loved it. He was happy as can be."