Sun Tea


My favorite refreshing pregnancy thing is iced sun tea. So far my favorite is Red Raspberry Leaf Tea.

Red Raspberry leaves contain high concentrations of several vitamins and minerals because of the plant's secondary compounds. As a result, it is used as an aid for pregnancy and delivery.

Vitamin C, E, A and some B complex are present in large amounts. Increased Vitamin A intake in the form of the carotenoids of red raspberry leaf can aid the women's immune
system as well as facilitate healthy skin and bone development for the
. Vitamin E serves to promote better circulation in the mother who
is dramatically increasing her blood volume during pregnancy. The Red
raspberry leaf also contains many essential minerals such as phosphorus, potassium, and an easily assimilated form of calcium.
An increased availability of calcium is necessary in controlling nerve
response to pain during childbirth and in aiding bone development in
the fetus (above and below info taken from Wikipedia).

It also contains fragrine, an alkaloid which help tone the muscles of the pelvic region including the uterus. This allows the uterus to contract more powerfully and effectively during labor. Also, many midwives report that it aids in focusing the pre-labor contractions that help a woman's uterus
to prepare for delivery. The high vitamin and mineral content help
replace those lost via blood loss during delivery. Also, the alkaloids
will continue toning the uterus as it returns to its usual size.

Just fill a container with tea bags and water. Leave in the sun for 30-45 minutes. Then put in the refrigerator and when you want something refreshing just pour and add ice. You won't even want sweetener. Add mint or lemon for more flavor.