Smoothies are my FAVORITE thing when I'm pregnant and when I'm not. In fact, they make a GREAT food when you're breastfeeding!

Another great thing about smoothies is that they pack in nutrients and calories and they also fill you up.

Children LOVE smoothies, too.

Here are some WONDERFUL smoothie ideas. I am the smoothie queen and people ask me all the time what I put in them, so here are a few that I make often:

MANGO (my favorite and the easiest)

- Almond Milk

- Frozen Mangos (or strawberries)

- Ripe Banana (1 or 2)

- Green Juice

- Agave (optional)

Mix in a blend until smooth. It should be REALLY creamy

tip: leave out the agave if you are giving it to your kids. 


- Almond Milk

- Frozen Mixed Berries

- Fresh Cantalope

- Ripe Bananas

- Flax Oil

- Agave (optional)

- Green Juice

Add to a blender and mix until fully smoothe.

tip: freeze in popsicle sticks and give to kids during the summer days. It's a nutrition treat.