Josie Maran - Model, Mother and Entrepreneur


Meet Josie Maran (if you haven't already seen her all over magazine covers and billboards), she's a proud Mother, beautiful model/actress, and a green Entrepreneur.

I had the pleasure of speaking with Josie on the phone about her new organic cosmetic line as well as her baby Rumi. Not only did we talk green living but we talked pregnancy and the natural birth of Rumi as well.

I'm excited to inform everybody that Josie is yet another walking natural, homebirth success story. Read on...

The birth took place in the backyard. Josie started in a baby pool and then ended up giving birth just outside the pool a few hours after struggling in the tub.

The pain on a scale of 1 to 10, I'd say it was an 8, but it was wonderful pain.

The best feeling was at the end, when Rumi came out.

Any complications? When Rumi was born, she couldn't breathe and turned blue. "We called 911, afraid she was going to suffocate." But Josie's mother instincts kicked in, she stayed calm and began singing to Rumi, the same song she sang throughout the pregnancy. "She immediately opened her eyes, began to breath and we connected for the first time. It was so cool."

People's reactions to her decision to have a home birth were all negative. People were afraid, confused and shocked.

How did she prepare for the big day? Yoga and childbirth classes. You can choose whichever method you'd like, but in the end, you don't know what will work until you get there and instinct kicks in.

Who was at the birth? Josie's entire family!!! Her cousin even filmed the event. She wanted everybody there.

Pregnancy diet included organic food and some meat, too. "I was what I call an aquatarian before I got pregnant, I was a vegetarian that ate seafood." But during pregnancy, Rumi wanted meat, so Josie began to crave it.

Josie's Favorite Green Product are the new G Diapers. She said they were life-savers.

Advice to newly pregnant women: treat yourself now to movies, relaxation, sleep, and enjoy your alone time because you won't be able to do that stuff again for a long time. Also, join pregnancy yoga classes for relaxation and also to meet other new moms in your area.

It's so refreshing to meet a beautiful young Hollywood actress/model that didn't schedule a c-section. Josie knew one thing from the beginning and that is she knew she wanted to do this naturally and experience the deep connection that happens during a natural birth. Was she afraid? YES. But according to Josie, "It was Rad." She wouldn't have done it any other way.

Thanks Josie, for the interview!