Buying A Crib



When it comes to baby and kid furniture. It's really not easy to find good quality modern and somewhat affordable pieces. 

When choosing a crib, you want to of course think safety and durability. But, again, if you're ME, aesthetics also play a role. note: keep in mind baby toys and furniture have to meet crazy strict safety standards just to be sold in the US. 

There are very few GREAT cribs out there. My son has the Oeuf crib which was not cheap but it's my favorite crib and always has been. So, it was a no brainer and it's where I chose to spend extra money.I chose not to get the matching dresser and instead chose a white dresser from West Elm because I had a gift card there already. So, I saved a few dollars there. 

You don't need to spend a ton of money on a modern looking crib. But, your options are limited if your budget is small. IKEA's Gulliver crib is a great looking simple crib. I'm not sure how durable a $99.99 crib will be. I am sure it will last a few years though and that's really all you need unless you're planning on having a few kids in a row (as I did). 

Or there's also the affordable modern DwellStudio line for Target (which now makes all kinds of bedding and clothes as well for babies). 

If you have a bigger budget, I suggest you look into cribs on or Design Public

There are also less "modern" cribs and more contemporary ones such as the Graco Ashley or Graco Sarah Cribs which are affordable as well. Or anything from Pottery Barn Kids also fits into this category as well.

Good luck on crib hunting. Make sure you check shipping prices as well, some sites offer GREAT deals (like free shipping) and others charge just as much for shipping as they do for the crib.